Valve Positioners
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Smart Positioner SRD960
Smart Positioner SRD991 with Fugitive Emission Detection
SRD991 in Top Mounting
Valve Positioners - A solution to any application

To enable you to drive your process at its best, we manufacture high performance Valves Positioners that are easy to use and from best reliability and robustness to fulfill any request from any application worldwide.
The intelligent positioners series SRD is designed to operate pneumatic valve actuators and can be driven from control systems, controllers or PC-based configuration tools.
Our smart positioners provide unmatched stable and accurate control, based on the flapper nozzle principle.
The enhanced functionalities of the SRD series enable a significant reduction in commissioning time and reduction of the total installed cost.
Its widest application coverage and full valve compatibility make into a unique universal Valve Positioner.
  • Easy To Use
  • Fast Commissioning
  • User-friendly LCD with intuitive menu
  • Full Valve Compatibility
  • DCS Seamless Integration
  • Available in aluminium or 316 stainless steel housing
  • Reliability and Robustness
  • SIL 3
  • Certified Ex ia/ IS or Ex d/ XP according to ATEX, FM, CSA, EAC and INMETRO
  • Premium Technologies:  
  • - Partial Stroke Test (PST)
    - Premium diagnostic
    - Fugitive Emission Monitoring
    - Control in the Field with FF H1

  • All Process industries applications in hazardous or non hazardous areas
  • Food & Beverage with Top Mounting Solution (special design for diaphragm and angle seats valves)
  • Chemical Processes with Volatile Organic Compound (with our Fugitive Emission Monitoring Solution)
  • High vibrations & temperature applications with the Remote Mounting Solution
  • Partial Stroke Test (PST) for emergency shutdown applications
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    User guide
    SRD960 Universal Positioner English   2016-05-27       
    SRD991 Intelligent Positioner English, French, Dutch   2016-05-27       
    SRD991 Intelligent Positioner English, French, Italian, Dutch   2016-05-27       
    Краткое руководство SRD960 Универсальный позиционный регулятор Russian   2016-05-11       
    Declaration of conformity
    ATEX-CENELEC-FM Certificates of conformity for SRD990 Analog Positioner German, English   2016-03-09       
    CE Declaration of Conformity for SRD960 German, English   2016-04-28       
    CE Konformitätserklärung für SRD991 English   2016-04-28       
    Installation of the SRD990 in potentially explosive atmospheres for Zone 2 (Manufacturer Assertion) German, English   2016-04-28       
    Installation of the SRD991 in potentially explosive atmospheres for Zone 2 (Manufacturer Assertion) English   2016-04-28       
    Process Instrumentation for the Chemical Industry English   2016-04-26       
    DTM files
    SRD991 DTM Release 3.5.1 for ECEP EP0315 English   2016-06-01       
    SRD991, SRD960 DTM Release 3.6.3 English   2016-05-31       
    ATEX-CSA-FM Certificates of conformity for SRD991 Intelligent Positioner German, English   2016-09-28       
    Certificates of conformity for SRD960 Universal Positioner German, English   2016-09-28       
    SIL3 Certificate SRD960 English   2016-09-28       
    SIL3 Certificate SRD991 English   2016-09-28       
    SIL3 Certificate for SRD960 Positioner English   2016-09-28       
    SIL3 Certificate for SRD991 Positioner Shutdown Mode English   2016-09-28       
    Zone 20 for Positioner type SRx99x English   2016-09-28       
    Technical leaflet
    SIL Safety Instructions SRD991 SRD960 (en) English   2016-06-03