Electromechanical pressure switches for power circuits products offer consists of

For controlling air circuit and water pumps
        ●XMP up to 25 bars, with 2 NC or 3 NC pole, adjustable differential, 3kW/400V

For controlling water circuit
        ●FSG, FYG up to 10 bars with 2 NC pole, adjustable differential, 2.2kW/400V
        ●FTG up to 4.6 bars with 2 NC pole, fixed differential, 2.2kW/400V

Fixed differential: for detection of a single threshold
Adjustable differential: for regulation between two thresholds
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Electromechanical pressure sensors for power circuit
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Pressure sensors XM, pressure sensor XMP, 6 bar, G 3/8 female, 2 NC, without control type
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