OsiSense XX (519)
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Ultrasonic main products offer consists of 
Ultrasonic sensors: products are available in different detection systems as thru-beam diffuse or reflex.

Ultrasonic complementary products consist of 
Ultrasonic transmitters: mandatory for thru-beam detection system 

Accessories products consist of 
Teach push button, to select sensing window of adjustable sensing distance ultrasonic sensors
Cabling accessories as connectors and pre-wired connectors
Fixing and mounting, as fixing brackets, saddle clamps...
Common Characteristics  
Electrical connection
Electrical connection: Male connector
Pin number: 4 pins
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XXT12A8M8 thumbnails - Schneider-electric XXT12A8M8
ultrasonic sensor cylindrical M12 - transmitter Sn 0.2 m - M8 connector
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XXT18A3M12 thumbnails - Schneider-electric XXT18A3M12
ultrasonic sensor cylindrical M18 - transmitter Sn 0.6 m - M12 connector
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XXT18A4M12 thumbnails - Schneider-electric XXT18A4M12
ultrasonic sensor cylindrical M18 - Sn 1 m - transmitter M12 connector
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XXTF1A8M12L thumbnails - Schneider-electric XXTF1A8M12L
ultrasonic sensor parallelepipedic 7x19x33 - transmitter Sn 0.2m - M12 connector
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XXTK1A3M12 thumbnails - Schneider-electric XXTK1A3M12
ultrasonic sensor parallelepipedic 16x30x74 - transmitter Sn 0.6 m - M12 connect
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XXTK1A4M12 thumbnails - Schneider-electric XXTK1A4M12
ultrasonic sensor parallelepipedic 16x30x74 - Sn 1m - transmitter - M12 connec
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